Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Bernat Oliveres Künzi.

I draw, code, animate and sew*.

While working in the animation industry back in 2002, I made my first steps in web design. As many, I started out playing arround with flash and later with a CMS, in my case it was Joomla.

Nowadays I work at Mesure Systems where I design user interfaces and write front and back end code

Web development

My everyday life is usually surrounded by code, which is nothing more than a group of languages midway between English, math and logic that are used to build software, wbsites and apps.

My day is filled with HTML, CSS and JS. It has a fairly good dose of and C# to.

At the end of the day, what I do is to tell a story. A story that has always the user in mind.


I've drawn my whole life. That's why I studied illustration and ended up working in the animation industry for 6 years. During this years I focused on character design with ocasional background and prop designs. Also I used 3D tools such as Maya or Blender.

Motion Graphics

Working in the animation industry is where I learned the in and outs of animation.

I have taken part in the production of animated TV series and animated music videos


*To sew is one of my hobbies. I just wanted to throw it in here ;)